Synonyms and related words:
accounted as, alleged, anticipated, assumed, assumptive, awaited, conjectured, deemed, due, expected, forejudged, foreseen, given, granted, hinted, hoped-for, imminent, implicated, implied, in prospect, in view, indicated, inferred, intimated, involved, judged beforehand, long-expected, meant, on the horizon, overdue, postulated, postulational, preconceived, preconceptual, preconcluded, predecided, predetermined, predisposed, predispositional, prejudged, prejudging, prejudicial, premised, presumptive, presupposed, presurmised, probable, promised, prospective, putative, reputed, suggested, supposed, suppositional, supposititious, suppositive, taken for granted, understood

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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